Hints & tricks - guide to avoid errors

The aim of the Calibur system is to make fencing available for anyone, anytime, anywhere. In order to make this feature, we had to design a complex way of registering hits and transferring information.

Because of this, there are some, not so obvious ways in which Calibur differs from other scoring methods. Here, you can find a list of some elements that cause no problem while fencing, but sometimes are unusual to our users.

Most of the issues listed here can be avoided by testing your equipment in testing your equipment in full fencing uniform, in a realistic setting.

Bellguard for foil

With some equipment, bellguard distinction on foil has minor issues. We recommend that if you experience such things, turn on the switch for "register on-target hits for bellguard".

This also resolves the problem if you see that at some point, if you are sweaty enough (which means that your gloves are dripping wet), valid hits on you do not register as they should. This can also be resolved with a dry glove too though.

Bellguard for épée

One small bug that might occur is that if you test your épée's bellguard barehanded, while keeping the other weapon's point on it, it registers as valid. This is really easy to avoid, since in a realistic situation, since either putting on gloves or using a quick thrust never results in this error.

Testing without gloves extremely slowly can light the screen
Always test in realistic situations

Speed of registering hits

If you find that registering hits is somewhat slower than it is with the traditional scoring machines, you can augment the speed by:

Overwhelmed hardware can cause delay in regsitering

Things to pay attention to when testing foil

In some situations, you may experience peculiarities, but only in circumstances that are extremely rare during fencing, and in case they would occur, it’s probable that no points would be given anyway by a referee.

To avoid misleading test results,

Slower than realistic hits can cause error
Test equipment with a quick thrust to avoid error

+1 Hint for athletes: to eventually get better at competitions, you can do more besides training. Get an insight into your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance by using sports analytics tools - the most simple one is keeping a log about your bouts (on training and competitions too). Find out how Calibur's bout tracking system works and do everything you can do for that medal!

To have a more in-detail guide, take a look at our user manual, or contact our customer support at roland@caliburfencing.com.

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