What is Calibur and why it is perfect for your
summer camp in 2024

Fencing made simple

Calibur lets you set up your fencing piste in 1 minute without having to deal with the hassle of traditional scoring systems, so you can fence anywhere, anytime. It comes with 2 exciting game modes besides regular fencing mode for extra fun and practice.

Calibur is a wireless fencing scoring system that needs no main power source while fencing, no standalone scoreboard that you have to carry around, no spools or reels that take up a lot of space, and requires no maintenance.

Besides the ease of use and extra functions, it comes at a reasonable price that is well below the average scoring systems' prices.

Easy setup

Calibur pocket boxes (see the image on the right) can connect to any smart device with iOS 10.0/+ or Android 8.0/+, turning them into a mobile scoreboard for fencing. It does so by Bluetooth; it requires no internet connection.

This means, all you have to do is:

  • Dress up in your fencing uniform
  • Plug in body wire into your Calibur pocket box
  • Turn on pocket box
  • Connect to free Calibur app (App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store)

Why it's the best for summer camps

Calibur reduces preparation time for fencing to less than 1 minute, offers unique game modes, fits in your pocket and comes at a great price. If you'd like to know more or receive exclusive offers, subscribe to our mailing list:

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