Tips & troubleshooting


Always test in real bout like circumstances  

  • DO NOT hit the lamés on the floor. Always wear full fencing set (gloves, lamés, plastrons) and test on a partner.
  • DO NOT touch the blade when testing. Make clean thrusts on your partners lamé.
  • DO NOT keep your tip on the opponents lamé. Make quick hits, like in a real bout.

Sabre mode should be set up with an additional adapter and armband 

  • Put on the armband tightly and connect it with the snap-on cord under the plastron, next to your body wire
  • Plug the magnetic USB head in the USB connector of the pocket box.
  • Plug in the Calibur adapter in to the pocket box.
  • Plug in the the extra cable in to the 4th socket i n the adapter next to the body wire



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