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Our product has 20+ features for you to use. These are our favorites:


A strip can be ANYWHERE. Add new strips to your capacity or take the training outside and be ready to fence in ONE minute.


Save time and money on repair as there's no more break down of reels/spools.


Track & visualise performance, organise tournaments or set up games simply using the mobile app.

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How it works?

Pocket Box

Connected to the weapon validates all the touches giving instant scores.


as scoring board. The app stores and visualises all the bouts.


runs an AI engine on the data to get 99.9% accuracy on all weapons


Isobel Bruce Combes

Head coach @ FCF, Manchester, UK
"This product is anti Covid-19! Here there is a big anxiety about the chance of passing on the virus by people touching equipment as they have to be shared in a club. I would require each member to purchase a personal one"

Tudor Saitoc

Fencer @ Austin, USA
"The first truly disruptive fencing hardware and software on the planet."

Dr. Darren Marks

Headcoach @ SFC, Director of Ontario Youth Development Program, Canada.
"This is a game changer. Not only does it free a club from reels in the club, but it also allows clubs to enter easily into schools or other locations to promote and teach fencing. 
It is intuitive to use, smaller than most old beeper boxes and the internal battery is a dream. We found no issues with timing, durability or overall use.  Tracking bouts (and future applications) is more than desirable. We have used other wireless systems, and this one beats them with ease. Plus, younger fencers found it fun to use!."

Ron Hendricks

club owner @ Kaysville, USA
"So many people talked about how wireless should be done, it's great to see someone actually doing it the right way."


2019 nov First épée prototype

2020 mar Testing starts in local clubs

2020 aug Working AI model

2020 sep First foil prototype

2020 dec Broad test of 100+ épée devices

2021 feb Final design / preorder start 

2021 apr-may Foil+Épée beta test

2021 jun Production start

2021 jun Sabre update


  • Can I get testing devices?

    Yes if you preorder in the first 100.

    Do I need internet connection to use them?

    No, score validation happens locally.

    Where can I buy your devices?

    You can preorder them on the website and later on demo sites will be set up in partner clubs.

    Will it cost more to add more weapons?


    How accurate is your device?

    Our system constantly gets better with usage, we believe it will be very close to 100% after a few months.

    How does it work?

    Each fencer plugs a pocket box to her body cord and connects them to a phone via Bluetooth, and the rest is fencing.

    Why are you doing this?

    We want to make fencing more accesible to people with our tech. We are a team of fencing ensnthusiast engineers. Scoring is a burden on fencers/clubs and there’s a lot of room for improvement


  • Does it support iOS and Android?

    Yes. We support both of the major platforms.

    How do you upgrade the devices?

    We will release regular updates for the apps, and the boxes will be upgraded by the app over the air.

    How much does the set weigh?

    ca 45g/pocket box (including batteries) plus smartphone/ tablet

    How long will the batteries last?

    The pocket box batteries in beta testing last for 8-10 hours of fencing. If they run low you can recharge via micro USB port.

    How long is the charging?

    It takes around 90 minutes.

    How durable is the pocket box?

    You can stand on them without any harm. The enclosure will be redesigned based on the results of the current testing.

    Is there a calibration routine before you fence?

    No. No calibration is required, you can fence as you plug in.

    Will they be FIE graded devices?

    No, not initially, it will be added later on.
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