July 4, 2023Szabolcs Balogh 

Reaction time game

Want to know who's the fastest in the fencing hall? Stop guessing, start playing - our Reaction Time Mode is already out to help you show your skills! Here's a quick guide on how to access it within the app.

How to try the Reaction time game in the Calibur app
  • If you don't already have it, get Calibur app from your application store (Appstore, Amazon Store, Google Play) After installation, connect your Calibur pocket boxes.
  • The Reaction Time Mode enables two fencers to compare their performance to each others'. Make sure that both of you are using the same type of weapon, both of your pocket boxes are connected to the app and you are at more or less equal distance from your targets (depending on how you want to contest - with an advance, a lunge, etc.).
  • Choose the Mode Selector on the top of the screen- we constantly add new modes and games to this section check out our other tutorials to know more. Switch to "Reaction time game (duel)".
Open mode selector
Switch to reaction time game
  • Once done, by quitting the mode selector, you will be ready to test your reaction time and speed. Tap the middle of the screen to start a countdown from 3, after which the screen will turn blue at a random moment. This is your signal to strike. After both of you has touched the target, the screen will indicate who won with a little trophy icon and your time results will also be visible so you can keep track of your highscores!

Useful hint:

For better performance make sure to close every other applications on your phone and update the app to the latest version. Remember that hits must be sent and processed via a wireless connection. The system performs the best on the latest devices, however any device can perform better by making sure to dedicate as much resources as possible.

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