June 27, 2023Szabolcs Balogh 

Remote & referee app

How to use the Remote & referee app

Did you know it was possible to use remote controls for the Calibur scoreboard to start and stop the timer, add or deduct points, penalties, bouts and priorities? Here’s your quick tutorial on using the Calibur Remote Control Mode!

  • Once the scoreboard is set up, you will need a second phone or tablet. Download “Calibur Remote Controller” from your application store (Appstore, Google Play, Amazon Store), and open the application.
  • Push the top button in the “Calibur” app (mode selector) and enable remote control mode.
Toggle the remote slider in the mode selectord
  • Make sure both phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In the Remote Controller, type in the local address, shown on the screen of the “Calibur” app.
  • If you're done, you are ready to manage all the scoring on your smart devices!
Setting the scores, adding cards etc

Useful Hint:

Network speed and your hardware can influence the speed of registering commands; if you wish to improve it, try to close every other application and use a stable network without many users (offline hotspot is also an option).

To have a more in-detail guide, take a look at our user manual, or contact our customer support at roland@caliburfencing.com

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