3 strips bundle

The world's first smart fencing system. 
Average lead time: 8-12 days. Duties may apply.


6 Calibur pocket boxes


AI powered

It's the only AI powered fencing system getting better each time it's used. Data is processed by our AI engine in the cloud to get better accuracy on all weapons and tailor the experience for each fencer.

Plug and play

Just plug in and fence. There's no mandatory calibration, everything happens automatically.


Tiny, yet strong. The pocket boxes were designed to withstand impacts and drops.  

Long battery power

One charge lasts 12-20 hours of fencing depending on the mode. An 80% recharge takes less than 60 minutes.

Always advancing

With the app comes limitless opportunity. Features and new functionality will be added with regular updates 


All phones and tablets with Android 8.0+ or iOS 10.0+ are compatible. 

Weight: 45g

Battery: Li-Pol

Battery life: 12-20 hours

Charging: micro USB cable included

Colors: Black, Grey, White

Wireless bandwith: 2.4 GHz

APP support: iOS & Android

Is it cool?: yes

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