Sabre Extension Kit

The world's first smart fencing system. 
Average lead time: 8-12 days. Duties may apply.


The extension kit is an add-on for wireless sabre fencing. Place the armband tightly on your arm, plugin to the adapter and you're ready to fence. The kit includes:

  • 2 adapters
  • 4 magnetic cable heads
  • 4 conductive armbands
  • 4 snap-banana cables

Extension kit

How it works

Before start

Put on the armband tightly and connect it with the snap-on cord under the plastron, next to your body wire.


Plug the magnetic USB head and the Calibur adapter in to the pocket box.

Body wire

Plug in your body wire into the adapter

Armband wire

Plug in next to the body wire the snap on cable connected to the armband 

You're ready for sabre fencing

Make sure the connection is stable and check the cables occasionally

Minimum requirements

Pocket Box v1.4.1+, Firmware v.12+, App v.2.17+ or above. For more info check the manual and the armband tutorial

Box contents:

The set is designed for 2 fencers but some spare parts are added. 

-2 Calibur adapters: A 3 pronged connector adapter to put in between the pocket box and the body wire

-4 conductive armbands: Made from a handwashable, elastic metallic fabric

-4 snap-banana cables: Connect the armband to the Calibur adapter

-4 magnetic USB cable heads: for the adapter to connect to the pocket box a magnetic head needs to be added to the USB port.

The armbands are hypoallergenic, unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.


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